Outreach Specialty Services

Caring for you and your family.

These specialists have clinic time in one or more of the Gateway Clinics on a routine basis. Discuss any referrals to these specialists with your primary care physician. You may need a referral depending on your health insurance and the specialty.

Dr. Michael Momont, MD – Orthopedic Associates
Janell Lorton PA-C
Hakan Binek PA-C

Dr. Katherine Schnell, DPM – Orthopedic Associates
Dr. Curt Kristensen, DPM – Northern Foot & Ankle
Dr. Christopher Phillips, DPM – White Bear Foot & Ankle

Dr. Mark Erhard, MD – St Luke’s
Dr. Scott Mikesell, MD – St Luke’s
Dr. James Mohn, MD – St Luke’s

Dr. Javariah Ashgar, MD – Essentia Health System

General Surgery:
Dr. Sharon Gossett, MD – Gateway Family Health Clinic

Dr. Mariya Skube, MD – St. Lukes

Dr. Dustin Lucarelli, MD – St. Lukes

Dr. Maria Kolojeski, MD – St. Luke’s

Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, MD – St. Luke’s

Dr. John Styliaras, MD – St. Luke’s

Pain Management:
Jimmy Mach, APRN, CRNA – Gateway Family Health Clinic

Dr. Jesus Vera Aguilera, MD – Essentia Health System

Audiology & Hearing Testing:
Laura Feldhake, AuD, CC-A – St Luke’s
Nathan Schultz, BC-HIS – Hearing Health Gateway Family Health Clinic

Psychological Services:

Amanda Manley, LMFT – Melissa Anderson Psychological Services