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Gateway Family Health Clinic
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 9 reviews
 by Bill

I brought my granddaughter to the Sandstone Gateway Clinic, for an examination of a possible broken arm. The receptionist was very helpful, the triage nurse was truly outstanding, the x-ray tech was outstanding as well. We saw a FNP by the name of Sam I believe. He was very caring and she felt very relaxed with him. Please give a shout out to these excellent health care providers.

 by Laura W

I’ve had such a good experience with Gateway and wanted to be sure to let you know!
I’ve been so impressed with how caring and detail-oriented Dr.Brandli is. She is an excellent primary physician.
I’ve also had nothing but outstanding experiences with the lab at the Moose Lake location. I tend to get light headed when I get blood drawn, but when I advocate for myself and ask to lay down the staff is happy to help. I love gateway clinic.
Thank you!

 by Larry & Karen Slater

Larry and I have made Gateway our primary clinic since moving to Moose Lake 23 years ago. We have both received excellent care from the clinic doctors, with Dr. Thiessen and Dr. Brandli being our doctors. They both are very easy to communicate with and go out of their way to provide the most appropriate care when needed. We appreciate all the doctors and staff. Dr. Gossett is also such an asset to our community. We hope we continue to have such expertise close to home. The receptionists and lab also deserve a shout out for their friendliness and expertise. Thank you Gateway.

 by Doug and Sue Beise

Our entire family has been treated by Dr. Christensen for all ailments. He delivered all four of our children who are all married. We lived in the area for 15 years and now live in the Twin Cities. We have never had better care than what we had in Moose Lake!

 by paul maloney

Jessica ( front desk) was very helpful 5 stars

Thanks for all your help

 by Recent patient

Good clinic only had one issue Nate Gilbertson could use a little more experience in doctoring otherwise everyone I have seen there were and are awesome!

 by 2016-2017 Patient Survey Comments

I would not go to any other clinic for care - Doctors, Nurses, Med Techs and Receptionists are great.
Since moving in the area I’ve always been satisfied with the service and the doctors I’ve seen at Gateway.
We feel blessed to have this clinic in our community.
Dr. Harden is probably the best doctor I have had Ever.  Very Caring explains everything each Time I see him.  Outstanding Doctor.
Wonderful service & staff – always a pleasure to go there.
Have been treated better here than in the cities.  People listen here.
I believe Dr. Lynn Stottler is one of the best doctors if not the best I have seen during my life to present.
Gateway Clinic is the standard that I measure all other clinics and medical facilities by.  The others usually do not measure up to how wonderful Gateway and Dr. Harden are to me and my family.  They are great!
Dr. Tekippe is an excellent doctor I recommend him regularly to people I know.
Very happy with Kathy Brandli, M.D. and everyone in the clinic.
Dr. Rice has been a very good provider.  He is very caring and a good listener.  I never feel rushed during my appointments.
I find Dr. Bridget Dewey very helpful.  She listens and answers questions.  Very very pleasant & makes it very comfortable to be there.
Dr. Harden & nurse Elaine are wonderful people they truly care about us, the patient.
Kathy Brandli, M.D. is an excellent doctor.  Always treated with respect from doctor and staff.
Dania Kamp was very professional, courteous.  Took care of my needs that day and was eager to make sure everything was going well with me.
Dr. Gossett has been really good to me.  She is an excellent physician.
Dr. Lynn Stottler is my doctor and my children’s doctor.  We trust her with all of our health issues!
Dr. Brandli was our hospice doctor and she was wonderful as a caregiver for my husband.
Gateway has been an excellent facility since it was opened.
Doctor Thiessen is a very good doctor and a very nice person.  I am glad I have him for my doctor.
I’ve always had great appointments with Sonja Roach.  She always listens to me, explains things thoroughly, and makes time for me.  She has been great on follow-ups such as phone calls and any questions I may have.
I think Dr. Westra is a very good doctor - to me the Best!
I am pleased with my care from Dr. Bridget Dewey and staff.  They are respectful, informative & helpful to me.
Dr. Petry is always professional and friendly.
Dr. Harden is an Excellent Doctor & very good clinic!
I am completely satisfied with Dr. Neudecker and all staff!  This also includes other doctors that I have seen.
I have only been going to Gateway for 3 years and am happy to say everyone there has been very friendly and helpful.  My doctor (Dania Kamp) always takes the time with me to make me feel comfortable & listens to what I have to say.
Dr. Harden is an Amazing doctor.  He is always available for me and usually calls me himself with all my test results!  A++ doctor.
Excellent care always.  Dr. Petry is excellent!
Very pleased with Dr. Dewey!
Dr. Tekippe is a very good doctor.  He is very caring & explains the procedures or what is wrong.  My husband & I both go to him.
Dr. Stottler listens carefully, comments directly to me; not typing in the computer, she explains options for treatment and makes sure I understand my condition.
Dr. Harden is very personal Doctor.  Made me feel at ease.
I have an amazing doctor (Dania Kamp) & nurse.  I appreciate their time and hard work!
Dr. Brandli is an amazing doctor.  She is kind, respectful, intelligent, and caring.  I trust her completely and would not want any other doctor.
Sonja took the time to answer my questions and concerns.  She cares about her patients/staff.
I have been very pleased with all employees of this clinic that I have had reason to talk too!
Dr. Harden is the best thorough doctor I have ever been to. I feel comfortable to say he’s the best.
I believe Dr. Harden & nurse do a wonderful job.  He gives good advice & follows up on instructions (always) – I give him a 10.
Dr. Tekippe has always been professional and has been my Doc since 1998.  I have no complaints.
Dr. Rice seemed friendly yet very professional.  I appreciated working with him.  He gave me choices and allowed me to make the decisions I needed to make.
Dr. Paul Dewey is the best doctor I have ever had.
I’ve done well at this clinic.
I felt I got excellent care.  Sonja Roach was very thorough, I would certainly see her again.
Kathy Brandli, M.D. is very understanding and caring.
I am very happy with Dr. Harden and His staff!
Dr. Christensen is the Hallmark of Professionalism!
Dr. Tekippe is a great doctor.  I enjoy interacting with him.  Good small town doctor.
I am extremely happy with my physician (Dr. Harden) and his nurse.
NP Gary Anderson is a very good person and answers all questions that I ask.  Very good at his job.
Always pleased with Dr. Thiessen’s knowledge & care.
Love Sonja Roach!
Dr. Harden does a great job.
I have enjoyed working with Connie Grandia.
Dr. Brandli is the best!
Dr. Kamp is a great doctor & person.  I have a lot of faith in her.  I am very comfortable with her.
Dr. Brandli always takes time to explain everything.  Always the same mood – friendly & happy (even when she has just helped deliver a baby).
I am very satisfied with Dr. Petry and all the other doctors I have seen at Gateway.
I’ll be the big 60 this year and Dr. R. Harden is the best doctor I’ve ever seen!!!
I only saw Sonja Roach one time and I was very impressed with her and her nurse.  They both listen very closely to my needs and my story.  When she didn’t know exactly who I should see next, she took the time to call other dept. to figure out who I should see.  I will definitely as to see her again.
Dr. Thiessen is a very caring & understanding doctor.
I am very satisfied with Gateway Family Health & providers.
I love Dr. Brandli, I refer a lot of people to her!  She explains things to you when asked, listens to your suggestions, and doesn’t treat you like you’re stupid.
Kathy Brandli, M.D. is a wonderful, caring doctor.
Very confident with Dr. Rice.
Dr. Westra is very knowledgeable, expresses care & concern, spends time explaining any issues, and listens to what I know about my own body & health.
I would never go anywhere for surgery except to Dr. Gossett.  Fantastic Surgeon.
I would recommend him (Dr. Harden) to anyone, he is very efficient.
Very happy with my doctor (Dr. Rice) & clinic.
Dr. Raymond Christensen a very pleasant & friendly doctor.
Dr. Etterman was very polite and friendly and appeared to be concerned about my health.
Dr. Brandli is a very good Doctor for our family.
Because I was a walk-in and my regular doctor was not in, but this NP (Gary Anderson) was very good.


 by Pamela K

I came in to your clinic yesterday in a state of emergency. I had been at work cleaning our fryer when a mound of hot debris, oil, and chemical splashed into my eye. I was in excruciating pain, couldn't see, but managed to call for help. Your clinic was the first on the road and my quickest way for emergency help. As I walked into the door your staff jumped into action, foregoing the regular order of paperwork. I was immediately rushed back to an empty room laid on the bed and your nurse and provider began flushing my eye with saline while rushing to determine what would effectively work to get my eye flushed. They were patient, kind, and more than considerate of the excruciating pain I was feeling and sincerely taking every precaution to ensure no more damage would happen. They had already involved the eye doctor from within your building who then assessed the damage to the eye. Despite the chemical and heat of the matter hitting my eye, I managed not to burn my eye, but rather the debris scratched just over half the cornea, which should heal just fine and my vision should clear. I sincerely believe it was the quick action of your staff that saved my eye and sight from further damage. I cannot thank your staff enough for their quick reaction in a very abnormal, terrifying, and stressful situation. May God bless you all and each staff member has my undying gratitude.

 by Current Patient

I just want to say that Maggie Neudecker is the best doctor I have ever had. She listens to my concerns, explains things to me in a way I can understand whats going on, remembers me and how I am when I'm well vs sick and most importantly makes me feel taken care of. I really appreciate having her as my primary. Thank you!