FOR NEW AND ESTABLISHED PATIENTS, ValueCARE Includes a full range of services including visits for minor illnesses, injuries, bug bites, management of chronic conditions, lab tests, and more!

• To receive ValueCARE fees, a patient must pay at time of service. Notify reception staff when registering.

• ValueCARE fees are available for both walk-in appointments and scheduled appointments.

• Services provided through ValueCARE are not reported to a patient’s insurance company and would not count towards plan deductibles. Patients must sign a do not disclose form.

• For questions or for the discounted fee for other services, please ask Gateway Patient Accounts.

Standard Office Visit* – $130 For a single purpose, such as minor illnesses, injuries, skin conditions and tick/bug bites

Complex Office Visit* – $200 Multiple issues or management of chronic conditions and other multi-system conditions

Other visits, immunizations & procedures – 30% discount

Standard Lab Tests (including venipuncture) – $33 per test Urinalysis, Pro Time, Hgb, Sed rate, Pregnancy, Mono, Vitamin D

Complex Lab Tests (including venipuncture) – $48 per test CBC, Hgb A1C, Strep, RSV, Complete Metabolic, Lipid Panel, TSH, Flu A&B, urine culture

All other standard lab services – 50% discount

X-ray with interpretation – $115 Moose Lake only

Dexa Bone Density with interpretation – $100 Moose Lake only

Ultrasound with interpretation – $245 Moose Lake

Preventive care / physical – $220
Adoption/Foster Care – $105
DOT / CMV with urinalysis – $150
Pre-employment physical – $150
College/Camp Physicals – $100
Firefighter physical – $170
High School Sports – $50

Other visits or procedures:
Allergy test – $410
Allergy injection – single $32
Allergy injections – multiple – $40

*Office visit type will be determined based on care provided