Billing Information

We will submit claims to your insurance carrier for the medical services that are provided to you. Unfortunately, not all services are paid by the insurance company. In cases where the service has not been paid by your insurance company, you will be personally responsible for the bill.

You will receive a monthly statement listing the services provided, charges submitted, and any payment and/or adjustment from your insurance carrier. Each patient has their own billing account and the statements for minor children are sent to the parent/guarantor listed for their account, so you may receive more than one bill for any given billing period if multiple members of a family received care.

There are many types of insurance plans and there can be significant differences between the plans. It is important that you’re knowledgeable about the specifics of your plan and areas of coverage provided by the plan. Although our staff will make every effort to assist you, ultimately it is your responsibility to understand the coverage related to the specifics of your plan.

If you do not have insurance, your account will be considered self-pay. You’re responsible for payment at the time services are rendered. We do offer discounts at each of our clinic sites for services that are paid on the same day as service. We do accept cash, check, or major credit cards at each of our three clinics. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please ask to speak with our Patient Account Representative, located at our Moose Lake clinic, or call toll free: 877.485.4491 ext. 2022.

If you have received a Gateway Clinic statement in the mail and you want to make your payment online, please visit our Payment Portal. You may make your payment with a Visa or Master Card, or you can make an electronic check payment. Your online payment will be applied to your Gateway Clinic account within the business day – saving you time and postage.

If you would like to establish an automatic payment plan for any future patient balance, please review this Credit Card on File Policy for more information and enrollment.